Small Update to the Control Panel

Just noticed this new widget in the Control Panel, which shows the current disk and bandwidth use with a small graphic.

Disk status


Bandwidth status

Any other changes? Write a comment…

4 Responses to “Small Update to the Control Panel”

  1. Nathan Friedly says:

    The one click installs got organized by what version of php they run on.

  2. Nathan Friedly says:

    Also, I’m on a dedicated, so I have the Xfer, but not the Disk widget. (Unlimited disk space)

  3. fiend says:

    Well it looks good and functions well, a revamp (visual) of the control panel would be nicer, like less images more css work, maybe reorganizing some stuff, removing old stuff, things like that ^^ it would also help with the speed of the panel without putting more resources in, hell nowadays that are loads of great designers, they should outsource someone to do it, they would have it ready in a couple of weeks…

  4. Steven says:

    I agree that a little bit of a control panel makeover could be helpful. Maybe we should submit a suggestion?

    Although the disk/bandwidth wigets are cool, with the amount of disk and bandwidth space available, I don’t even think about it anymore. A cpu usage wiget might be cool though.