New One-Click Install: activeCollab

DreamHost are now introducing activeCollab as an one-click install. activeCollab is an web based collaboration and project management tool and a free and open source competitor to 37Signals’ flagshop enterprise offering Basecamp.

Using activeCollab you can discuss your projects with other team members, plan the execution, assign tasks, attach files, send notifications, etc.


It has the advantage compared to 37Signals product that it’s open source which implies that you can use it free of charge, make modification to the source and create new modules and you will have full control over your data.

Read the announcement in activeCollab’s blog and more about activeCollab in TechCrunch article: Basecamp faces competition in free alternative.

4 Responses to “New One-Click Install: activeCollab”

  1. Steven says:

    This is certainly a project I am watching closely. Hurray to DreamHost for supporting something so young.

  2. Linked from: DreamHost Newsletter - August 2006
  3. Rodrigo D. says:

    looks tight..! keep it up folks..

  4. mike manh says:

    Hey so active collab 0.7 is in beta (a beta of a point release, strange). It will reach full 0.7 when they have the upgrade script.

    My question is how long before the upgrade will be available as a 1 click install upgrade? I had a wordpress install that I manually updated once on a dreamhost and I regret it now because all the other installs can do one click upgrades but not that one. I know I am just lazy, but one click install and upgrade is even faster and easier than getting a basecamp subscription :)