Automatic Offsite Backup

DreamHost customer matttail has written a tutorial about how to automatically backup your domains and databases. By using the crontab command to run a series of scripts, the process creates a tar file (a compressed file) with all the files for a given domain and a tar file with the MySQL database data.

To secure the backup you need to download the tar files. For this purpose the tutorial includes both a script for Windows (using a batch file and Scheduled Tasks) and Linux (using SSH and crontab) to download the files to your own computer on a regular basis.

Read the entire Automatic Backup article in the DreamHost Wiki and find related articles in the new Backup category.

7 Responses to “Automatic Offsite Backup”

  1. matttail says:

    I subscribe to your RSS feed, so when I woke up this morning I read your post. *gasp* He’s talking about me! I was (and still am) very surprised. All the same I hope that you like my little tutorial.

    Wow, me – almost famous.


  2. Unofficial DreamHost Blog says:

    Matttail – You already had your 15 minutes of fame on this blog back in April when you made it to the top of “Most Active Discussion Forum Users” list. Continue your great work and we’ll soon have to make a category for you ;-) !

  3. matt says:

    is it just me or is dreamhost having an outtage?

  4. matt says:

    and I doubt that all of dreamhost is blocking just me

  5. matttail says:

    That’s right! In my groogy state I had forgotten reading that article, amazing really that you pulled all that data togeather. Oh dear me, but a catagory? just for me? I’m not that special. ;)


  6. Hans-Göran says:

    I have been running automated backups of my site for over a year now using the scripts for the database dumping and for “rsyncing” the changes back to my home-server (a Buffalo Linkstation running Linux). The beauty of this is that only the changes needs to be transferred each night. Has saved me more than once…

  7. Daniel Drucker says:

    I sent the following message to support a few minutes ago. Am I crazy?

    You folks at DreamHost have spent the last couple days doing your utmost to try to fix things. You’ve been working hard. That means what you haven’t been doing, maybe, is reading blogs and getting the general mood of your customers – a mood that *even among those of us entirely unaffected* has gone from “la la la I love DreamHost I spend all my free time recommending DreamHost to all my friends and neighbors” … to “wow, DreamHost really doesn’t have a f-cking CLUE what they’re doing and is reckless and dangerous”.

    Guys, every customer is fully aware that it’s their responsibility to back up their own stuff. That’s in every hosting provider’s TOS. Still, given

    (a) the events of the past few days
    (b) how ridiculously cheap storage is (e.g., Amazon S3)
    (c) the fact that you’re supposed to be the good guys, not the fly-by-night guys

    you really, really, really should be doing offsite backups. There’s absolutely positively no excuse. None. Zilch. Do it. Now.

    Maybe you don’t know how easy it is to mirror to another location? Hire someone who does (I’d offer myself, but I’m taken right now).

    I’m NOT saying you should be LIABLE for customer data! Absolutely not!

    I’m NOT saying you should _promise_ people you will restore from offsite backups!

    What I AM saying is that in the event you were to irretrievably lose a filer, you’d have the ability to restore from backup. Wouldn’t this be a good thing for DreamHost? You *know* you’d lose the majority of customers on that filer if you couldn’t do that… whereas if you could, you’d only make them like DreamHost even *more*, perhaps, than if nothing had happened at all…

    You’re supposed to be the good guys. The reputable guys. Now I find out you don’t even do BACKUPS? RAID and backups are not in any way related. If someone’s been telling you otherwise, fire them.