New Outbound Mail Quotas

DreamHost has created a new email policy, which restrict you to send out a maximum of 100 emails per hour (counting each recipient as a seperate email) via their SMTP-server.

From the wiki:


DreamHost enforces outbound mail quotas. While trying to send mail, if you receive an error message which mentions “Quota Exceeded,” you have surpassed your mail sending quota. If you hit this quota 2 or more times, your sending ability will be disabled until you contact support. In your support request please include your email username NOT the email address.

The default outbound quota is 100 (message/rcpts) / hour.

DreamHost Community Wiki > SMTP-quota

The quota is being enforced as an anti-spam meassure, and will hopefully stop the increasing number of cases where DreamHost’s servers¬†has been caught in e.g. AOL and Comcast’s spam filters as a result of a customer’s spamming (see AOL addresses blocked?, Help! Emails are bouncing to AOL addys-ban domain? and Do all hosting co. have problems sending email? for info).

5 Responses to “New Outbound Mail Quotas”

  1. Simon Jessey says:

    I think this is an excellent decision on the part of DreamHost. I’m fed up with having my emails blocked because of the actions (or inaction) of others, and this is a step in the right direction.

  2. amf says:

    Does this apply to mailing lists? If so they’re not much use anymore…

  3. Unofficial DreamHost Blog says:

    It seems that DreamHost’s discussion list is not affected by this, while other mailing lists managers might have features like throttling and delayed sending (I know phplist has).

  4. Pete Happy DreamHost Employee says:

    I can confirm that DreamHost’s announcement and discussion lists (in the mail section of your panel) are not affected by this. Web-based software such as PHPList have a 200 recipient per hour limit (not messages, recipients.) Exceeding it once will get your outbound mail delayed, exceeding it multiple times will get you disabled.

    If your mail is delayed and you aren’t exceeding that you know of, there are three possibilities:

    a.) You’re running PHP as an apache module, which means you’re sharing your limit with all the other mod_php users on your machine,

    b.) You have an insecure script that’s being abused to send spam mail.

    c.) Our system is broken and is not properly relaying mail from web-based programs.

    As for SMTP access, the limit is 100 recipients per hour. Exceeding this will get your mail rejected until the next hour, exceeding it multiple times will get you disabled. We do NOT increase this limit for customers unless you can provide compliance with our mass mail policy (more than 100 recipients an hour is considered mass mail! You couldn’t possibly type that many individual normal sized emails in an hour! … without pharmaceutical help.. and if you can, we’re hiring. )

    Hope this information is useful to you guys.

  5. Unofficial DreamHost Blog says:

    DreamHost honcho Dallas has also elaborated on the new limit in the discussion forum.