DreamHost Domain Whois Privacy

As a new feature DreamHost now offer to keep your whois registration data private.

DreamHost Domain Whois Privacy

Instead of using your own information when registrating a domain, you’re now offered to use DreamHost’s proxy service. All emails will automatically be forwarded to you without revealing your real email address, while paper mail will be shredded and phone¬†calls will be given an recorded message with instructions to email you instead.

This feature has often been requested in the forums, both as an anti-spam measure and as a privacy protection option, and some customers have even moved their domains to e.g. GoDaddy, just to get this feature.

More info in the feature list and in the Control Panel.

5 Responses to “DreamHost Domain Whois Privacy”

  1. John Bachir says:


  2. Will says:

    Thank you DH! Btw, I hope you have a full time mail person because you’re going to be getting a lot of letters from Domain Registry of America. ;-)

  3. AlarConcepts says:


  4. Pete Happy DreamHost Employee says:

    It’s genius, really – That P.O. box is ONLY for the domain privacy feature, and that’s the only place we use it. We ignore all mail sent there. Anyone here know what happens when a P.O. box gets totally full and the post office can’t deliver any more mail to you? I’m rather curious.

  5. Linked from: DreamHost Newsletter - May 2006