DreamHost Upgrades Rails Monday

In case you haven’t read it on the new DreamHost Status Page: DreamHost will start to roll out Ruby on Rails 1.1 early next week.

When they initially upgraded Rails to 1.1 three weeks ago a lot of application broke since Rails 1.1 isn’t 100% backward compatible, so they ended up rolling the upgrade back.

Now after people have had some time to prepare the upgrade, DreamHost are ready to try again. In case you haven’t already, the advice is to freezy your application by running the command rake freeze_gems in order to make a smoother transition to Rails 1.1.

4 Responses to “DreamHost Upgrades Rails Monday”

  1. Hank says:

    Is this Rails 1.1.2?

  2. Arthur says:

    Hey, thanks for the updates!

    How do we find out what version is running on our server?

  3. Unofficial DreamHost Blog says:

    Hank – I don’t know, we’ll have to wait and see… (or maybe ask support).

    Arthur – You can either look at rails.dreamhosters.com (a random server), or you can run “rails --version” on your own server.

  4. Unofficial DreamHost Blog says:

    DreamHost are now running Ruby on Rails 1.1.2 according to rails.dreamhosters.com.

    New gems includes gettext (library and tools to localize messages), net-sftp (pure-Ruby implementation of the SFTP client protocol), rmagick (interface to ImageMagick and GraphicsMagick image procession libraries) and switchtower (framework and utility for executing commands in parallel on multiple remote machines via SSH).