DreamHost Newsletter – April 2006

A quick overview of this month’s newsletter :

  1. Multiple Databases per Hostname!
    One of the most popular suggestions is coming through: You can now have multiple databases per hostname, use the same MySQL username to access multiple databases and have one phpMyAdmin management area for all the databases on your account.
    See Sneaky Changes Afoot.. for more info.
  2. New! https://webftp.dreamhost.com!
    A web based FTP client from where you’ll be able to upload/download files, zip files, copy/move/delete files, chmod files, view source, etc.
  3. No more .la!
    As mentioned in last month’s newsletter, DreamHost are discontinuing as an official registrar of .la domains.
  4. Changes with DreamHost Rewards!
    The retroactive referrer feature has been disabled due to abuse. You should either ask your referrals to enter your email address when signing up, or create a promo code for them.
    DreamHost Site of the Month: 360 Uploads

One Response to “DreamHost Newsletter – April 2006”

  1. Brade says:

    webftp will not let me chmod a directory >:(
    I’m trying to upload a test file that the “image gallery” installer wants, and while at work I cannot directly ftp to my site (firewall…), thus I’m using the web version. but it gives me permission denied errors and says that it only works on unix ftp servers, not windows. I thought dreamhost only used unix??? guess I’ll just have to wait til I get home…