Subversion on DreamHost

One of the news in last month’s newsletter was the addition of Subversion support at DreamHost. Subversion is an open source system for revision/version control designed specifically to be a modern replacement for CVS.

Lot of people will find that version control is not the easiest subject to get started with, and most tutorials will contain lot of new vocabulary like trunk, tags and branches.

Kyle Neath has just written an excellent quick guide about Setting up Subversion with DreamHost and Windows. He jumps straight to the point and shows how to set up a repository at DreamHost and how to manage it with TortoiseSVN. Great introduction to everybody new to Subversion.

7 Responses to “Subversion on DreamHost”

  1. Eduardo Habkost says:

    s/CSV/CVS/ :)

  2. Unofficial DreamHost Blog says:

    Eduardo – Corrected… Thanks again!

  3. thomas says:

    the addition of subversion is excellent. now we need trac’s

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  6. anacel says:

    Kyle Neath’s article is dead?

  7. Unofficial DreamHost Blog says:

    anacel – Kyle’s blog seems to be down for the moment. Until it get’s back online you can read his article from Google cache.