Price drop on unique IP-addresses

DreamHost just updated the Plan Comparison page with new prices on unique IP-addresses. The price of an unique IP-address has dropped from $4.95/month to $3.95/month.

An unique IP-address is only necessary if you want to have a SSL certificate or anonymous FTP, so I guess this will only be relevant for a few customers.

According to the newsletter the set up fee has also been waived (previously $15) and it will now be free to generate a new CSR (Certificate Signing Request, previously $10).

5 Responses to “Price drop on unique IP-addresses”

  1. Steven says:

    Is there are technical reason for needing a unique IP to have a SSL secured connection?

  2. Unofficial DreamHost Blog says:

    Yes, SSL requires an unique (but not necessary static) IP.

    Because SSL is IP based and does not resolve to name based virtual hosts by nature of the protocol, you either have to assign a unique IP address to each SSL enabled domain or specify different secure ports and share the same IP address.

    The IP address assigned to the website can be changed and it will not affect the certificate at all, provided it remains unique.
    Thawte: SSL Digital Certificate Technical Support

    In theory you can get the security of SSL without an unique IP, but you won’t get the authentication right, and therefore get a browser warning. More info in Running Name-Based SSL Virtual Hosts in Apache.

  3. Linked from: DreamHost Newsletter - March 2006
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  5. Garry says:

    Well is it possible _at all_ to be on a level 1 plan with dreamhost and still have some form of SSL secruity? I plan on signing up with them and the price is very cheap (being from Australia) but the 3.95 per month ends up costing too much unfortunately. If you don’t mind could you reply to my e-mail. Thanks.