eAccelerator on DreamHost

Chinese DreamHost customer Robin has written a series of posts about installing the php accelerator and encoder eAccelerator.

eAccelerator is a further development from mmcache PHP Accelerator & Encoder. It increases performance of PHP scripts by caching them in compiled state, so that the overhead of compiling is almost completely eliminated.

First Robin investigates the differences between caching the HTML output and caching the compiled PHP script in his test of WP-Cache vs eAccelerator. He continues to ask should we use Zend Optimizer and eAccelarator together? And finally he shows how to install eAccelerator on DreamHost.

6 Responses to “eAccelerator on DreamHost”

  1. robinz says:

    to let eaccelerator work well, we should let php run as FastCGI that setup at panel.dreamhost.com

  2. David Plutado Fugate says:

    I seem to be getting stuch here:

    export PATH=$PATH:YOUR PATH/bin // let configure locate where automake and autoconf are.
    export PHP_PREFIX= YOUR PHP PATH/bin // such as ~/php/bin, you specify it while compiling php.

    I have managed to compile php4 successfully.

    is “export PATH=$PATH:YOUR PATH/bin”

    supposed to be “export PATH=$PATH:php/bin” assuming that my directory structure is /home/username/php/bin

    is “export PHP_PREFIX= YOUR PHP PATH/bin”

    supposed to be “export PATH=$HOME/php/bin:$PATH”

    Your advice is appreciated. I know I’m missing a very small step here.

  3. Nite says:

    Unofficial dreamhost support thread here : http://www.pennyquick.com/forum/index.php?board=5.0 .

    I’ve detailed how to get eAccelerator to work on dreamhost in nice, plain, simple english. I’m curious to see whether or not my instructions were in fact clear. I’m sure they’ll be easier to understand for those native in English. :)

  4. Nite says:

    Better yet, I blogged about this. And I added subdomains to my account…


  5. Gyuri says:

    Hi Nite,

    Thank you for the blog :)

    I am following it, and I was thinking if we need to compile an entirely new php? In Dreamhost Wiki there is an article on running our own php.ini, if you search for php.ini, which I did.

    I would just like to install aPC and put it in the php.ini.

    I am finding problems though with autoconf as it does not seem to be isntalled on dreamhost, and when I upload it and try to phpize it, I am getting errors. Have you tried installing aPC with only a custom php.ini with fastcgi php5?

    Thank you,

  6. Uzair says:

    Yep, autoconf is definitely not installed. You can download it from http://ftp.gnu.org/gnu/autoconf/ and then do
    1. ./configure –prefix=/path/to/your/home/directory
    2. make
    3. make install