MySQL upgraded to 5.0

DreamHost today announced support for MySQL 5.0. All new MySQL databases being created will be version 5, and they will soon offer the possibility to upgrade current databases from version 4 to version 5.

For the ones who haven’t followed MySQL progress the latest years, I will recap the development roadmap here.

MySQL 4.0
Released: 25 March, 2003
Supported by DreamHost: September 2003

New features:

  • Query cashing (increased performance for many applications with repetitive queries)
  • Full-text indexing (searching on packed indexes, bulk inserts and other new optimizations for faster query execution)

MySQL 4.1
Released: 27 October, 2004
Supported by DreamHost: May 2005

New features:

  • Sub-queries and derived tables (search complex data sets with greater ease and efficiency)
  • Full Unicode support

Released: 23 September, 2002
Supported by DreamHost: September 2005

New features:

  • ACID-compliant transaction support

MySQL 5.0
Released: 24 October, 2005
Supported by DreamHost: January 2006

New features:

  • Stored Procedures (to embed business logic in the database and improve performance)
  • Triggers (to enforce complex business rules at the database level)
  • Cursors (to allow easier database development and reference of large datasets)
  • Views (to ensure protection of sensitive information)

MySQL has over the last few years evolved from being a populaire hobby database to be a full enterprise level database. David Axmark, co-founder of MySQL, summarized this when he at the release of MySQL 5.0 said: “People have been criticising MySQL since we started [in 1995] for not having stored procedures, triggers and views”, and “We’re fixing 10 years of criticism in one release”.

More info in the DreamHost Community Wiki:

5 Responses to “MySQL upgraded to 5.0”

  1. Erik Mallinson says:

    This broke functionality on my site. I’ve been trying to figure out what happened all week. arg.

  2. Unofficial DreamHost Blog says:

    I don’t think DreamHost has upgraded anyone to MySQL 5 yet. Maybe it was the upgrade of PHP 4? See the comment from DreamHost support.

  3. Jack says:

    This web site is great. It’s tradegic that DreamHost doesn’t have a similar site since it seems nearly impossible to find out what software they currently provide.

    It’s almost ironic, DreamHost is great on support but terrible about providing information about what software is on their servers.

  4. Linked from: DreamHost Newsletter - February 2006
  5. Ric says:

    Yeah, but does dreamhost have any way to create a trigger? CREATE TRIGGER doesn’t work.