PHP4 upgraded to 4.4.1

PHP4 has been updated from version 4.3.10 to 4.4.1 according to

The changes from 4.3.10 to 4.4.1 are only maintenance releases addressing numerous non-critical bux fixes, a number of security fixes related to the overwriting of the GLOBALS array and a memory corruption problem. No new features has been added.

2 Responses to “PHP4 upgraded to 4.4.1”

  1. DreamHost Tech Pete Happy DreamHost Employee says:

    If it’s useful for anyone to know, there was a small change in the way assignments work in PHP 4.4.1 and a handful of old scripts have been broken (particularly old CMSes like Expression Engine, Textpattern, etc.)

    In all cases, the solution so far has been to upgrade to the most recent release of your PHP-based program.

  2. Unofficial DreamHost Blog says:

    Hi Pete.

    Nice to hear from you here and thanks for the info…

    Readers who have seen PHP “assign by reference” errors since the upgrade, can get some more information about the issue in the PHP 4.4 Release Announcement, in the TextDrive Community Forum and in the ExpressionEngine Knowledge Blog.