DreamHost Acquires ThinkHost?

May 13th, 2009

A friend of mine is a member of the web hosting company ThinkHost’s affiliate program. Today he received his affiliate commission – from DreamHost!

The only message in the PayPal payment was:

Thank you for your continued support! Sincerely, The Happy ThinkHost Affiliate Team P.S. The reason this is coming from paypal@dreamhost.com is because ThinkHost has merged with DreamHost! Don’t worry, absolutely nothing is changing!

ThinkHost was one the first web hosts to brand itself as a green web host, offering carbon-neutral hosting powered 100% by wind and solar energy. As a gimmick they also arrange to have a tree planted for each of their clients.

ThinkHost hosts 3646 domains according to WebHosting.info – compared to Dreamhost’s 849,711 domains.

Has anyone seen this merger/acquisition announced anywhere?

DreamHost Newsletter – October 2008

October 8th, 2008

  1. System-wide Upgrades
    DreamHost will be transitioning all customers to new servers over the course of the next year.

    The new set up should be:

    • more stable (the shared file servers are being phased out – they have caused to many troubles over the last two years)
    • higher performing (the new servers will be on average 4x more powerfull, but have less than 4 timer the number of customers)
    • cheaper to run (less data center and maintenance costs)

    Read the blog post for a few tips about how to ensure a smooth transition.

  2. Volunteer to Get Upgrades First
    Not afraid of breaking your applications, or like living on the cutting edge? If you volunteer to be one of the first to be moved to the new system you will be “upgraded” to unlimited disk and bandwidth, forever.
  3. Quarantined Mail via IMAP
    You can now access your junkmail quarantine folder via your IMAP client in case you use the junkmail filter. You need to enable the option in your webmail setting. Click “junkmail” on the left, then “settings”, then input a folder name for your spam.
  4. Webmail Upgraded to 1.4.15
    Squirrelmail has been upgraded to 1.4.15. No big changes.
    DreamHost Site of the Month: Tonya R. Moore

DreamHost’s 11th Birthday

October 5th, 2008

dreamhost-birthday-promoI almost missed DreamHost’s birthday this time, but I guess it’s never too late to congratulate.

DreamHost have a history of running great promos on their birthday, from 1 year of hosting for only 77 cents/month (7th birthday), unlimited domains to everybody and 80% off new accounts (8th birthday), double bandwidth, 10 times the storage and $99.99 off (9th birthday), to last years $110.10 off new accounts (10th birthday).

This year, the first 1,111 new customers to sign up with DreamHost will get unlimited resources, both disk space and bandwidth for the life of their hosting account! Never run out of disk storage, never again run over your bandwidth limit, host as many domains and subdomains your like. I guess it can’t really get any more generous than that.

Additionally you can save $50 on your first hosting bill if you sign up with our coupon code DH11.

DreamHost Newsletter – September 2008

September 14th, 2008

  1. 50 GB Free Personal Backups
    As previously written about, your web space is only intended for your websites and not for personal backups. Now every customer is offered 50 GB of storage for backups. The only caveat is, it will be hosted on a separate server, under a separate user account and DreamHost will not backup your backups. If 50 GB is not enough for you, extra space is only $0.10/month per GB.
  2. First week of DreamHost PS free
    When you sign up for DreamHost’s VPS solution DreamHost PS, you set your own memory limit and pay accordingly. Since it is nearly impossible to predict how much memory you will need when you start out, DreamHost now offers you the first week at maximum memory possible for free. After a week the memory will automatically be adjusted to the right level for you, unless you already have adjusted it manually.
  3. Control Panel Demo
    If you’re yet to sign up for hosting at DreamHost, you can now try out DreamHost’s own in-house developed control panel before you sign up at https://demo.dreamhost.com/.
  4. Getting SSL certificates is easier
    It’s now possible to order GeoTrust SSL certificates directly from the Control Panel. Previously you had to email the certificate to DreamHost, so the new integration is going to be a lot easier. The price for a SSL certificate is $90.96 a year + $47.40/year for the unique IP (but you can save up to 30% on the certificate by prepaying for multiple years).
  5. mod_fcgid and xcache for PHP
    DreamHost PS users can now choose to enable PHP xcache for great performance boosts. Check your DreamHost PS settings.
    DreamHost Site of the Month: chrisstreeter.com

DreamHost Newsletter – July 2008

July 4th, 2008

  1. New Easy One-Click: Media Wiki
    DreamHost introduces Media Wiki (the software behind sites as Wikipedia) as an Easy One-Click install. The software has long existed as a One-Click install, but in easy mode both installation, upgrades and maintenance is 100% handled by DreamHost at the cost of fewer customization options (you can only use the preinstalled themes, plugins and languages).
  2. One Click Account Backup
    DreamHost - Backup
    This new feature lets you download a zipped backup of your entire account, including all users, mailboxes and databases. While the snapshot backup service continues, this is a great way to maintain your own local off-line backup.
  3. DreamHost PS All Caught Up
    DreamHost has got all the way through the waiting list for their VPS service (DreamHost PS) and new customers should be able to get a server relative quickly.
    Furthermore from next Tuesday, PS users will be able to tweak a few VPS settings to save resources including:
    • Use mod_php version 5.2
    • Turn on php caching for a super-performance boost
    • Turn off the ability to talk to aim/icq/msn on jabber
    • Turn off FTP access to your DreamHost PS entirely
    DreamHost Site of the Month: Sand Pixel

DreamHost Now Hosts 700,000 Domains

May 27th, 2008

The stats from WebHosting.Info has just been updated, and shows that DreamHost is now hosting more than 700,000 domains.

It’s just 7 months since they passed 600,000 domains and almost exactly a year since they passed half a million domains,

700,000 domains hosted by DreamHost

It’s great to see that billing errors and network troubles aside, DreamHost continues their steady growth. If they continue this growth rate they will reach 1 million domains just around new year 2009-2010.

DreamHost offers Passenger / mod_rails

May 13th, 2008

The Ruby on Rails deployment tool we wrote about a while ago has just been launched.

To enable Passenger, edit any of your fully hosted domains or add a new domain from the Manage Domains area in the web panel, and check the Ruby on Rails Passenger (mod_rails) checkbox.


When you then point that domain’s web directory to the public directory of an existing Ruby on Rails application it will work automatically.

More info in the wiki: Passenger.

We would love to hear any feedback on the new setup.

DreamHost Newsletter – May 2008

May 6th, 2008
  1. New One-Click Install: phpBB Forum

    phpBB is now available as a One-Click Install. DreamHost offers phpBB both in an easy-mode and advanced-mode. In easy-mode DreamHost will handle all upgrades, but you won’t be able to customize your theme or add plug-ins.
  2. New One-Click Install: OpenX Ad Server

    OpenX is an open source ad server used by more than 30,000 web publishers and on more than 100,000 sites. Formerly called OpenAds and phpadsnew prior to that.
  3. Merge all you your MYSQLs onto the same server
    If you’ve been customer for a few years, you might have you databases spread out on several servers (since you could only have one database per hostname). Now it’s possible to move all your databases onto one server (so you can manage them all from one hostname with the same username).
  4. We are now Blu (and still Green)
    DreamHost is one of the Most Democratic Workplaces 2008.
  5. New Charities
    This month DreamHost will match charities to The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Los Angeles and Communities In Schools.
    DreamHost Site of the Month: Daniel Pitner

Book Review: AJAX and PHP

May 6th, 2008

AJAX and PHP I recently advertised for readers wanting to review a number of books I was offered by Packt Publishing. The fourth review in the series is written by Arthus Erea, who has read AJAX and PHP: Building Responsive Web Applications.


Review of “AJAX and PHP: Building Responsive Web Applications”
Review by Arthus Erea

We’ve all heard about that powerful little engine running the latest and greatest websites: AJAX. As developers, many of us probably understand the basics of AJAX, since the technologies behind it (JavaScript and XML) aren’t exactly new. Yet, we’re hesitant to take that first step into using the technology. That’s where AJAX and PHP: Building Responsive Web Applications steps in with a thorough explanation of AJAX and a plethora of satisfying use cases. With a promise to teach us "how to create better PHP Web Applications by using AJAX technologies to their full potential," we are given a sherpa to help us up the pinnacle of AJAX.

Though the book assumes a basic familiarity with JavaScript and PHP, plenty of attention is paid to the basics. The first chapter delves into some history of the web and an explanation of the buzz around AJAX. It concludes with a quick AJAX application to get you started right away. With a wave of a wand, chapter 2 appears with a solid grounder in the magic of the DOM and smarter JavaScript. Chapter 2 also integrates a primer on XML and its power. With the client satisfied, chapter 3 delves into detail upon the server end of things with lessons upon PHP and MySQL. For the noobs among us,  an appendix is included which details setting up the environment with Apache, MySQL, and PHP. Whether you have never touched a line of PHP in your life or are simply looking to expand your skill set to the client side, "AJAX and PHP" has the basics you need.

With the nitty-gritty technical aspects out of the way, the rest of the book is devoted to various case studies. This is where the true value is found: the examples are both practical and exciting. With the mundane form validation and autosuggest out of the way, even more exciting case studies are introduced. In Chapter 5, we learn about building an AJAX-based web chat application. In Chapter 7, we are introduced to the power of SVG (scalable vector graphics) and how it can be combined with AJAX. For me, the most interesting chapter was chapter 8 which addresses a critical issue in our data-rich world: presenting long tables in an eye-catching and usable manner. Here, we are given a primer on XSLT and grid-based display. Throughout the book, you find sprinkles of useful examples which will certainly come in handy with the continual emphasis upon cloud computing in today’s marketplace.

Despite the strong case studies, "AJAX and PHP" falls short in some critical areas. Most importantly, there is no attention paid to the plethora of JavaScript libraries out there. This is unfortunate, since most of us will end up using a library to automate the simple, repetitive tasks. Additionally, the code samples often are far longer than needed, sometimes stretching over many pages. That being said, the book’s companion site offers downloads of all the case studies to get you started. Overall, AJAX and PHP: Building Responsive Web Applications is a strong primer on AJAX and a useful reference for the variety of practical AJAX applications.

DreamHost Nominated Most Democratic Workplace

May 1st, 2008

DreamHost has updated their frontpage to show they have been recognized by WordBlu as one of the most democratic workplaces in 2008.


Guess WordBlu haven’t seen What You Get When You Work at DreamHost