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Question   How do I add a new MySQL database?
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How do I add a new MySQL database?
  1. Simply log into the Account Control Panel, select the Goodies tab, and click on the MySQL link.

  2. Click the Add New Database link.

  3. Give your database a name. The name may contain only letters, decimal numbers, and the characters $ and _ and must be unique across our entire system. (consider maybe naming your db yourwebid_dbname)

  4. Choose the service with which the database will be associated:

    Then press the Continue button.

  5. That's it! You're done, Baby!

Last updated: Mar 22, 2004.

User Post (2004-07-28 18:12:19 by nlm)
in response to your comment about getting php and mySQL to work to gether, check out : http://www.mysql.com/ and http://www.php.net/ you can find all kinds of php scripts at: http://www.hotscripts.com/
User Post (2003-07-08 20:00:16 by dobro)
I am real stupid about this. I want to create a searchable database. OK, so I guess mysql is the way to do that. how do i put the info in there? do i have to create a special kind of database file, a text file, or what? is it delimited in some way? (see what i mean about stupid?) also...ALSO...what is the relationship of PHP to mysql. do i have to hook the two of them together some way for the database to work? I am confused. Help!
User Post (2003-04-23 08:49:31 by secretmode)
make sure don't add a same name, it will delete your old one! I am screwed