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1. How do I change my mailbox "name"?
2. How do I create a new email address?
3. How do I change my mail password?
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Mail :: Addresses Description
Anything you need to do with email addresses (or "mailboxes") at any of your domains hosted with DreamHost, you do here!

That includes creating new email addresses (forwarding-only or ones tied to a DreamHost mailbox), as well as changing or removing existing ones.

You can also change a mailbox password, disk usage limit, name, or inbox rotation settings from this panel!

Keep in mind that any DreamHost mailboxes you create have exactly one primary email address associated with them. If you'd like to have other email addresses also deliver to that DreamHost mailbox, just create them as forwarding addresses to that primary email address.

Don't worry, you can change the primary email address for a mailbox at any time just by clicking the "edit" link for it! And our system is nice and automatically updates any other addresses that forwarded to that mailbox for you!

Last updated: Aug 27, 2004.

Sub-Areas of Mail :: Addresses
Question Why is a mailbox struck out?
When a mailbox in your list is struck out , that signifies that it still exists but currently mail is not being delivered to it. You can enable mail delivery to it by clicking "edit" for that add... (more)
Question How do I change my mailbox "name"?
You can change the name associated with your mailbox through our web panel's " Mail > Addresses " area. Just click the "edit" link next to the mailbox you wish to rename and then you'll be able to ... (more)
Question How do I create a new email address?
It's really easy! Assuming you've of course already got a hosting plan with DreamHost, all you do is go to the "Mail > Addresses" area of our web panel and click the "create a new email addr... (more)
Question How do I change my mail password?
You can change any of your passwords via the Users > Passwords area of our web panel or via our "Mailboxes" service, available at http://mailboxes.YOURDOMAIN.COM/. Through the Web Panel ... (more)