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1. Editing your domain web services (Overview)
2. What does the GO link do under ftp?
3. Redirecting an existing domain (domain forwarding)
4. Parking an existing domain
5. How do I set up an existing domain for mirroring?
6. How much does it cost to redirect a domain to another site?

Domains :: Web Description
Here are some of the things you can do in this area:
  • Alter the path to which a given domain points
  • Enable or disable CGI on that domain (if you have CGI access)
  • View the directory in which your logs are stored, and more.
  • To add a new web service to your active domain, click on the Add new web service link at the top.

Last updated: May 30, 2001.

Sub-Areas of Domains :: Web
Question What does the GO link do under ftp?
That link is just a link to ftp://userame@domain.com/webdirectory/ A lot of web browsers (netscape and i.e. at least) have built-in ftp capabilities, and by going to a URL in that format, you can... (more)
Question How much does it cost to redirect a domain to another site?
Absolutely nothing!
Question Redirecting an existing domain (domain forwarding)
Log in to the Account Control Panel. Select the Domains tab, and click on the Manage Domains link. You'll need to add this new domain to your account. Click the 'Add New Domain/Sub-Dom... (more)
Question Parking an existing domain
If you do not wish to host your domain at this time, domain "parking" is a convenient way of providing a temporary placeholder for your site. Visitors who try to access www.yourdomain.com will reach a... (more)
Question How do I set up an existing domain for mirroring?
First of course, make sure your domain is registered and is transferred to us! Then, if your domain is already in our system, just go to the "Domain > Web" area of our web panel, click "edi... (more)
Question Editing your domain web services (Overview)
Log in to the Web Panel. Select the Domains section, then click on the Web sub-section. Click on the Edit link for the domain you wish to edit. To designate this domain as a 're... (more)