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Question   How can I set it up so everyone who subscribes automatically gets a welcome message?
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How can I set it up so everyone who subscribes automatically gets a welcome message?
Just set up ListName@yourdomain.com to be a valid email alias (which can point to null if you don't want to receive an email notifying you each time a new person subscribes), and then set up an auto-responder for that alias! Then make sure you DO have the emailit hidden input in your form on your web page.

Note, we're talking about the announcement-only mailing list here, not the mailman discussion list feature, which has it's own configuration to allow a welcome message to be sent to all new subscribers.

Last updated: Jan 14, 2002.

User Post (2005-10-26 07:09:09 by mirla)
So question to anyone: if no one is supposed to be able to send email to the announcement list, what happens when someone tries to send an email to the list email address if that email addresses is made into a valid alias for autoresponder purposes?
User Post (2005-08-30 13:50:17 by sturtle)
Mailman's welcome message is in the General Options page of the admin interface for your list, disguised as "List-specific text prepended to new-subscriber welcome message". You also need to set "Send welcome message to newly subscribed members?" (right below the welcome message) to Yes, and there you are.
User Post (2003-01-29 23:53:26 by livingearth)
Where *can* I find out about configuring a Mailman discussion group welcome message? Does anyone here know? Thanks
User Post (2002-08-24 23:17:19 by gove)
The catch here is that if someone sends an email address to the auto-responder address, they will receive a welcome message, even though they didn't subscribe to the list.
User Post (2001-07-21 23:45:04 by gryphyn)
It is unclear whether "Listname@yourdomain.com" should be the EMAIL ADDRESS you are using for the list, or the NAME of the list. Logically, it has to be the email address one specified when setting up the list. But "List Name" is different, and new users may be confused. The instructions for creating and customizng this list need to be reviewed by a usability geek, post haste.

Go to the "addresses" tab under "email" and set up an alias using the list email address you specified when you made the list. Then, create an auto-responder for that alias, using the "auto-responders" tab. The "emailit=1" notation in the form code on your subscription page will send a notice to the email address, which will reply with the auto-responder welcoming new subscribers.