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Question   How can I import a list from my old list to here?
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How can I import a list from my old list to here?
Create an announcement list from our "Mail > Announcement List"panel. Then click "edit", cut and paste a list of each of the old addresses you had into the "Subscriber List" box there, then click on "Edit Announcement List".

Note, we require that ALL subscribers to ALL announcement lists on our system to have confirmed their intention to subscribe. So, when you paste in this list, you'll first be emailing all of them a message (which you can customize) explaining that you've moved your list provider and will need everybody who wants to keep receiving the list to re-confirm their subscription. They'll just have to click a link in that email to do so!

Last updated: Dec 20, 2004.

User Post (2002-07-27 13:46:54 by stmela)
Note that this feature is extremely unreliable for lists larger than 10,000 members. Be prepared to put in a large investment of time if you want to import a list of 100k or more.