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Question   What can I use this list for?
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What can I use this list for?
Use your mailing list to keep subscribers up to date on changes to your business or web community. If your site is home to a club, keep subscribers apprised of meetings and events. If you have a business site, you can use the list to send product updates to customers who have requested updates. If your site has a newsletter, you can even use your mailing list to distribute your newsletter to people who have asked for it.

Note that mailing lists are only for mailing those who have specifically signed up to be on this list through your website. You may not send any unsolicited bulk email (also known as "spam") through this service. If you spam, your account may be immediately terminated without warning.

In addition, at the bottom of every mailing, you must put instructions for unsubscribing from the list.

For more details on what you can and cannot do under our anti-spam policy, please read our spam policy and resources page.

Last updated: Apr 23, 2002.