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Question   How do the members post to the list?
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How do the members post to the list?
They cannot. This is an announcement-only mailing list, not a discussion list. We also offer discussion lists, however, which are much better suited for this sort of usage.

Last updated: Apr 23, 2002.

Official Reply (2001-09-11 07:14:25 )
I'm not sure when or why they were dropped to only 10, but we've upped it again to 30, which should be plenty! Hope that helps!
User Post (2002-04-16 21:11:45 by kimijye)
Tsk, tsk. Slamming Yahoo. People need to understand that an organization which promotes the sale of Nazi paraphenalia (yes, that is Yahoo!), is not a company which is going to care a great deal about its subscribers.

Want a better alternative? Look at Tripod . . . Kim
User Post (2001-09-19 05:00:59 by royboy)
I'd just like to add another "yes please, allowing all members to email to the list would be fab" comment. I thought this was one of the things I was going to get when I upgraded my domain, should have read these help pages more carefully...
User Post (2001-09-15 12:44:57 by unkhakook)
haha - SO good to see others posting about this; the whole Onelist---> Egroups--->YahooGroups fiasco, and now ListBot going belly up has kept me from putting my discussion group up there; in-house would rock.

User Post (2001-09-10 18:16:01 by shaw)
Are you saying my aliases with over 10 addresses no longer work? Say it isn't so! I LOVED my set of aliases.
User Post (2001-09-06 14:02:58 by frlodge)
Used to be, I had an email alias set up with some thirty destination addresses so the members _could_ communicate like this. Now, they've reduced the maximum number of destination addresses per alias to 10. This bites! I could go to the trouble of doing a multi-tiered expansion, but what a hassle!
Let's fix this, guys!!!!
User Post (2001-08-18 20:26:36 by mdhoefer)
YES, YES, YES. I too would love discussion list capabilities... Was using Listbot, but they have gone kaput. With DreamHost, DreamBook and dare I say DreamList... the New Dream Network would be truly dreamy.
User Post (2001-07-29 09:03:43 by rp3)
Having members be able to post to the mailing list would be fantastic. I'm a teacher and use the DreamHost mailing lists for my classes. I'd love for my students to be able to communicate with each other via the same list.

User Post (2001-07-25 09:16:18 by klutz)
I really, really, really, realllllllly hope you guys can set up fully interactive mailing lists soon. Yahoo took over Egroups, which took over onelist originally (which was fine on it's own) and now they're screwing my list over because half my members aren't getting mail anymore. PLEASE set up a decent mailing list system, I beg of you!