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Question   Can I put another user's directory inside of mine?
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Can I put another user's directory inside of mine?

Some users may want to do this, so that both users can access both sets of files. Under DreamHost 2, you can use the Account Control Panel to create groups for file sharing.

In addition, Apache aliases will allow two (or more) different users to access two (or more) different sets of files pertaining to the same site, although it will not allow file sharing per se. If you are interested in setting up Apache aliases, contact our Technical Support Professionals via the Account Control Panel to request this service.

If you want to allow a user access to only a specific folder of your web site, what you can do is make a "symbolic link" to their home directory from a directory on your web site.

So let's say you have domain.com owned by user1 and you want http://www.domain.com/userstuff/ (only) to be accessible by user2.

  1. Have user2 create a folder in their home directory for the new content. Something like /home/user2/newstuff
  2. As user1, create a symbolic link from /home/user1/domain.com/userstuff to /home/user2/newstuff
    You do that with this command (user1 must have shell access):
    ln -s /home/user2/newstuff /home/user1/domain.com/userstuff

Last updated: Jul 08, 2002.

User Post (2005-11-15 09:51:32 by ledmondson)
This only works for shell access, what about FTP access, symbolic links dont work with the dreamhost FTP server