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Question   What can my site stats tell me?
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What can my site stats tell me?
Your site usage stats give you information about web traffic to your site. Reports are generated daily, and you can view hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly statistics. You can customize your reports to generate the information that you want about your site, and you can view your stats daily at http://www.yourdomain.com/stats.

Below, the term request refers to an attempt by a visitor torequ access a file from your site. Different kinds of files include: pages on your site, images on a page, etc.

Your site stats report contains the following information:
  • Distinct hosts served: Basically, how many UNIQUE people visited your site. The number can be a little deceiving though, as customers of some large ISPs (e.g. AOL), go through a proxy server. As a result, a large number of visitors may be represented as a small number of distinct hosts.
  • Successful requests: The number of times someone succeeded in accessing any file at your site.
  • Successful requests for pages: The number of times someone succeeded in accessing a "page" file at your site (files ending in .html, .htm, .php, .cgi, etc...)
  • Failed requests: The number of times someone attempted to access a file from your site, but for whatever reason, was unsuccessful.
  • Redirected requests: The number of times a visitor attempted to access a particular file, but was redirected to a different one by the server.
    Two main reasons this happens are:
    • the visitor has incorrectly requested a directory name without the following slash: eg; a request for www.yourdomain.com/yourdirectory (the incorrect name) returns www.yourdomain.com/yourdirectory/ (the correct name)
    • "Click-thru" banner ads can also cause a request to be redirected.
  • Distinct files requested: How many files (pages, pictures, programs, etc.) were requested from your site.
  • Domain report: A breakdown of the number of visitors to your site, by top-level domain --- that is, how many visitors you had whose own URLs ended in .org, .gov, .com, .net, and so on.
  • Organization report: A list of which domains (usually organized by country) made requests to your site. This report is also sometimes spelled using the british variation "organisation".
  • Directory Report: A breakdown of traffic your site received, organized by directory.
  • File type report: The number of times each file type (ie; image, page, etc.) was requested from your site.
  • File size report: The number of times a file within a certain size range (ie 1-10 MB) was accessed. A good way of tracking bandwidth use.
  • Status code report: The number of times a request returned a given status code (successful, not found, denied, etc.)
  • Request Report A list of files from your site that were downloaded by visitors 20 times or more, sorted by the most downloaded.
  • Failure Report A list of files that were requested, but not successfully transferred. Sorted by the number of failed requests.
  • Referrer Report A list of the last URL where each visitor was before coming to your site. Sorted by number of requests.
  • Browser Summary A list of browsers your visitors used (ie; Internet Explorer, Netscape, etc.). Sorted by number of requests.
  • Operating System Report A list of operating systems used by people visiting your site (ie; Windows, Linux, NT, etc.) Sorted by number of requests.

For more info please see:

Last updated: Nov 08, 2004.

User Post (2004-02-07 15:33:24 by josh)
If you have any custom configs you'd like in your stats config file, please just contact support and they'll be happy to add them for you!
User Post (2005-11-14 11:38:26 by nofunpan)
Where is the referrer report? (list of the last sites visitors visited) I see every other report except that one.
User Post (2005-10-19 05:04:37 by musiclikedirt)
Can I remove my own home IP/host address from my stat reports?
User Post (2005-10-13 13:55:23 by pollockfarms)
How do I see exactly where the people viewing my site are located?
User Post (2005-10-12 23:37:54 by scopesux)
How would I go about finding out exactly what files are being requested by the referral? I've a feeling that some files are being leeched on other websites, but I'm not sure which files.
User Post (2005-08-11 13:47:39 by kkells)
i don't see a setting that has stats reports generated & emailed to me automatically.. anyone know if that's possible with dreamhost stats?
User Post (2005-08-08 15:56:31 by agilefunds)
It would be useful for the long term summary (cumulative) to include the category "Distinct Hosts Served"!!!
User Post (2005-03-05 16:58:38 by xochirama)
we can customize the daily and monthly reports, but not the long-term reports? i'd like to see the same options for the long-term as i do for the others. (ie, most popular file downloads, etc)
User Post (2005-01-10 16:54:36 by sugarcan)
How do I calculate UNIQUES from the analog stats?
User Post (2004-12-31 06:16:10 by cryscrys)
In response to rdbrinkhurst's comment, I have a short answer. Any "mirror" domains "reflect" another site, that's how .tk runs. So if you give anyone your .tk domain, the same happens on site statistics as if you were to give someone your subdomain here - That's why it's called "mirror," to reflect it's host only, it's not a true domain.
User Post (2004-10-13 02:30:53 by darkdreamcreations)
Hello all! I have a question, it may seem a little stupid, but oh well....=)
I just came from another host and the statistics aren't the same as DreamHost (ofcourse). I am trying to find out what the difference is between a "HIT" and a "REQUEST". Do both terms mean someone has visited my site?
User Post (2004-04-21 13:28:02 by deepassvoice)
Has anyone successfully installed Report Magic?


If so please explain to us the process you used to get it done.
User Post (2004-02-02 08:03:30 by lngtones)
Unfortunately it seems that the configuration files are owned by root so they are undeditable. That's dissapointing...
User Post (2003-11-19 00:49:34 by eliasrrezov)
I do not understand how the number of "requests" can be more than two times higher than the number of page views. Is any type of access (including WebDav) recorded under "request"?
User Post (2003-09-20 08:28:11 by yourplac)
re: Referrer Report
I think I have your answer: go to
to find out how to edit the stats config file to exclude things from reports.

Then, find your config files for each report period via FTP at
and edit it to exclude something from a report.

I agree that it is an oversight to not have the /domain/stats/ folder excluded by default. Itis a folder that is included in every Dreamhost domain, but why would we want to know how many times we looked at our stats? or have that data mixed in with the rest?

User Post (2003-09-20 07:49:17 by rdbrinkhurst)
The referrer report needs to be changed. I put a suggestion in for this in May of 2003, but I have heard nothing about it so far.

If you have a subdomain but you use a mirror as your main address - which I do, your stats will be full of your main address.

Forinstance - if someone were to use subdomain.whatever.com - and there main address and mirror was mainaddress.com - the referrer report would be so full of mainaddress.com that it becomes unusable.

Also, it is useless for me to know that someone is coming through my mirror, since it is the only address I give out.

It would not take much for the dreamhost people to make it so that a person could keep their mirror off of their stats page if they wanted that.

Why such a huge oversight?

If you are having this problem, please put it in the suggestions as well.
User Post (2003-07-18 14:16:32 by phantombm)
I wanna know how many people have come to my site. Which stats is the most useful?
User Post (2002-11-01 15:39:01 by gwa)
Why doesn't "Search Query" or "Search Word" show up on my stat reports? Any ideas? Thanks.
User Post (2001-06-14 18:41:19 by pmurphy)
It might be a good idea to also mention the "Search Query"
and "Search Word" reports; I think these are part and parcel
of the Referrer Report, but that's not obvious unless you
have web server/cgi/apache experience :-)