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Question   Using the web panel to customize stats reports
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Using the web panel to customize stats reports
  1. Go to the Account Control Panel.

  2. Go to the Status area, then the Statistics sub-area of the Panel.

  3. Click on the Customize link next to the domain of interest.

  4. Select Daily or Monthly to customize your daily or monthly report.

  5. When you see the following screen, check off the items that you would like in your report, then press the Save Changes button --- It's that simple!

  6. View your report at www.yourdomain.com/stats.

    If you are unfamiliar with the terminology used on the configuration page and in the reports, you can refer to the official documentation at http://www.analog.cx/docs/reports.html. Terms like 'Search Query Reports' and 'Processing Time Reports' will be made clear!

    Last updated: Sep 08, 2004.

User Post (2005-05-10 15:25:15 by bureau42)
Remember that these stats are only updated once a day. Once you make a change, you'll have to wait until the next time stats are run to see your changes.