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Question   How do I check my billing history?
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1. How do I check my billing history?

How do I check my billing history?
Find a complete history of every amount we've billed you and every service you've been charged for (with explanations). Here's how:

  1. Log on the Account Control Panel, and click on the Invoice link under the Billing tab.

  2. Enter the ending date and time period (in months) that you'd like the invoice to include, and click the download button.

    A PDF invoice will then be generated - perfect for environments where a purchase order is required to get things done!

  3. Alternately, a faster-to-display HTML version of the invoice is available lower on the same web panel. To view the particulars for a particular service, user, domain, or payment method, simply click on its link.
If the information is missing or incorrect, please contact our billing team, and be sure to include your username, the date, and the amount billed.

Last updated: Feb 04, 2002.