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Question   I added a field, but it didn't show up in my dreambook! What do I do?
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I added a field, but it didn't show up in my dreambook! What do I do?
For a field to be fully in use, it must be added in the edit field section. If you are using a template for your book, then any fields you add in this manner will be automatically added to both your signform and your gbentry form. However, if you have customized your book, our system has no way of knowing what crazy html things you have done, and rather than risk ruining your book, it takes the cautious route and leaves the changes to you.

In this case, you must manually edit the forms that display that field. The tag [[fieldid]] will still work with your new field. If you merely edit those forms, and don't add the new field in the edit fields section, then our system will not recognize that tag as special and won't know what to do with it (leaving it intact).

Last updated: May 17, 2001.