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Question   Does DreamHost offer a special deal to charitable organizations?
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Does DreamHost offer a special deal to charitable organizations?
We sure do!

DreamHost cares about making the world a better place. For this reason, we offer a special package for charitable nonprofit organizations interested in hosting their domains through us.

To take advantage of our charitable nonprofit discount program please contact our sales department.

Interested charities must submit proof of recognition as a registered charitable corporation. Acceptable proof includes:
  • APPROVED application for nonprofit status under IRS code section 501(c)(3) (APPROVED form 1023)
  • Official IRS letter indicating tax exempt nonprofit status under the appropriate sections of the tax code
Simply contact our sales team, submit one or more of the above documents, and enjoy the benefits of DreamHost charitable hosting!

Please fax your documentation to us at 714-990-2600.

Please note that this discount is applicable toward a single shared hosting package per organization. Hosting packages that are already discounted as the result of a sale or other special promotion are not eligible to receive this discount. You must first sign up for a hosting package at the full price before we can apply the discount.

Last updated: Aug 30, 2005.