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Top 12 in this Area:
1. DumbLaws.com - October 1999
2. AdiosBarbie.com - August 1999
3. WeCanDesign.com - December 1999
4. Bloop.org - April 1999
5. SillyCat.net - November 1999
6. TimeAndWeather.com - March 1999
7. FuelFonts.com - February 1999
8. WaveArt.net - July 1999
9. GeckoLinks.com - May 1999
10. WooferXP.com - January 1999
11. Fama.net - September 1999
12. The-Cove.net/dwelling - June 1999

Sub-Areas of 1999 Sites
Question WeCanDesign.com - December 1999
www.wecandesign.com Paradyme Multimedia's own Flash 4 based website. Come check it out, it's loaded with animations and beautiful photographs. I'ts well worth your attention.
Question SillyCat.net - November 1999
Silly Cat Comix! Silly Cat Comix are the ONLY Comix to provide FUN and SAFETY! Read 'em Outloud!
Question DumbLaws.com - October 1999
Dumb Laws Now you can get all your dumb law jonesin' fulfilled in one place, organized by country, state, and city, conveniently accessible through your web browser!
Question Fama.net - September 1999
Fama Comics There's a ton of wonderful stuff to go through here, including sketches, comics, llustrations, and even his little daughter's sketchbook!
Question AdiosBarbie.com - August 1999
Adios Barbie This site is more than just a shop, it is "a body image site for _every_ body" and offers various resources on the topic.
Question WaveArt.net - July 1999
WAVE A group that has the purpose of supporting women in the visual arts. Check out the exhibits, there's some nice stuff there!
Question The-Cove.net/dwelling - June 1999
the Cove Dweller Everything you ever wanted in a personal site (including little pages about their friends!) all wrapped up in a beautiful and easily-navigatable interface!
Question GeckoLinks.com - May 1999
Gecko Links Your source for Gecko-related info on the web.
Question Bloop.org - April 1999
Bloop.org They wrote a bloody good reason why they should win!
Question TimeAndWeather.com - March 1999
Time and Weather A site that allows you to cut and paste a little bit of html code onto your home page which will run a Java applet to provide the current time AND weather conditions for any of ov... (more)
Question FuelFonts.com - February 1999
Fuel Fonts They designed the DHSOTM logo!
Question WooferXP.com - January 1999
Woofer XP Make sure you have your sound on as well as a nice 4.0 browser to view this one!