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1. How do I update my dns (domain name servers)?
2. Do I have to put my real information in the public WHOIS database?
3. What is the WHOIS database?

Whois Info Description
It's easy to modify the domain contact information that is publicly accessible (via "Whois" lookups).

Simply check off the checkbox next to each domain you want to modify, and then click the "Modify Checked" button. If you don't see a domain in the list, that means you didn't register your domain with us! In that case, you'll have to go to the registrar you originally used to register your domain!

Then you just need to enter the new contact information you'd like to make public, check off which contacts it is for ("owner", "technical", "administrative", and/or "billing") and submit the form! The changes will take effect within 20 minutes in the public WHOIS database!

Last updated: May 03, 2004.

Sub-Areas of Whois Info
Question Do I have to put my real information in the public WHOIS database?
Yes and no. Technically, you have to, but the problem is any information put in the public whois registry is completely public. Because of this, there's a very good chance that any information you... (more)
Question What is the WHOIS database?
This database allows you to instantly get information on a given domain name, including who registered it, when it was created, who to contact at that domain, etc. This is also a useful way to see if ... (more)
Question How do I update my dns (domain name servers)?
It's easy to change the domain name servers tied to your domain registration record. These servers basically tell the rest of the Internet where your site is hosted, so it's important to have these co... (more)