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Question   Where are the log files for my domain?
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1. Where are the log files for my domain?
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Where are the log files for my domain?
They are available via ftp in your home directory, within the directory called "logs". The full paths will be something like:


The italicized portions of the path above should be replaced with information relevant to you. Just look in the directory to see what ##### is.

Also note that your older logs are kept in that directory as well, and named things like access.log.1.gz. The number is how many days old they are and the .gz means they are compressed. You can uncompress them with something like WinZip or Stuffit Expander.

By default, we keep 3 days of logs, but you can change this to as many days as you'd like from the Status::Statistics tab (click the "days" link next to your domain). Any logs besides the last three days will count against your disk usage quota.

In order to make much sense of your log files, you will need to use a log processing program. One good (commercial) option is Funnel Web. A good article with links to some other log processors can be found here.

Last updated: Sep 16, 2003.

User Post (2005-03-11 19:10:36 by evronm)
You guys (and the article you linked to) are ignoring the best of the bunch: AWStats (http://www.awstats.org/). Just thought I'd point it out for other users.
User Post (2003-07-10 16:22:59 by freedman)
What php syslog() messages? Where do they go?