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Question   Why am I having trouble uploading my web pages?
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Why am I having trouble uploading my web pages?
There are several possible reasons. Consider these preliminary questions:
  • Are you connecting to yourdomain.com?
  • Have you entered your username and password correctly? Your username is all lowercase and your password uses exactly the same capitalization you used when creating it.
  • Are you using Passive Mode (PASV) for your FTP settings?
  • Which error message are you getting?
  • Did you put your files in the proper directory?
  • Have you had FrontPage extensions enabled? If so, you will not be able to upload using FTP or a shell account. To learn more, check out the "Related Links" in the column to the left.
If your problem doesn't seem to be related to any of these questions, please contact our technical support team via the Account Control Panel, and provide them with a complete description of the problem.

Last updated: Feb 18, 2003.