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Question   Webcam, How to set it up
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Webcam, How to set it up

Setting up a webcam is a simple process that can be done in very little time. Just follow these instructions and you'll be ready to go.

1. Download VisionGS, this is the webcam software that we recommend and use ourselves.

2. Once you have downloaded the software make sure that the Webcam is plugged in, installed and ready to go.

3. Go through the "Setup Wizard" Vision GS provides (File > Setup Wizard) and enter in this information

- Select: Local Camera
- Select: Your Webcam (the one with the Direct X logo next to it is recommended)
- FTP address/Hostname: Your domain name or servername.dreamhost.com
- FTP Username/Password: contact support if you don't have these
- FTP Filename: Choose what you want the webcam image to be named, were going to call it 'cam.jpg' for now
- FTP Directory: Then specify were in your FTP account you want the image to be stored, I suggest making a folder called 'webcam' --...you do this by logging into your account via FTP and creating this folder.
- FTP Upload Interval: Choose how often you would like the picture updated.
- Review and Finish the setup

4. Next you will just have to make a webpage that contains your webcam photo, this is very simple just make a image link to your ....'cam.jpg' file. It should looks something like this

<img src="www.domainname.com/webcam/cam.jpg">

and that's it, here is a working webcam of one of our own support staff just so you can see how it works.

Last updated: Aug 11, 2005.

User Post (2005-10-24 17:24:11 by javierrod)
Yes, but that is up to the software that you use... the software that is mentioned here does provide it, please read their intructions on how to set it up.
User Post (2005-12-19 07:40:06 by machorro)
One way to do it is to setup the software so that it uploads every 1-3 seconds. Then add a refresh tag on your site at that rate. It's not clean nor pretty, but it works in all browsers.
User Post (2005-10-04 20:29:12 by rissie)
Is it possible to support a live, streaming webcam?