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Question   Switch domains between users
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Switch domains between users

You can move a domain from one user to another user that is in your account. By doing this the user you switch the domain to will be the only user that will be able to access this domain.

(If want to access this domain, just use that particular users username and password to access it)

to change the domain user just login to your Web Panel > Domains > Web or click here, select edit for the domain you would like to switch. In the section that says  "A Fully Hosted Domain" you will see a drop down menu for the "CGI" user. From here select the user you would like to control this domain. See picture below.

Once you have select the desired user select "Save Web Service" at the bottom of the page. With in 30 minutes to and hour you should see a new directory in the selected user's account with the name of the domain you moved to their account.

You can now begin uploading the site.

Last updated: Jul 15, 2005.