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A relative newcomer to the Mac FTP software industry, Panic's Transmit FTP client has a nice, clean interface and works well with our services. You may obtain a demo copy and purchase a full copy here.

Setting Transmit up to work with your DreamHost account is fairly simple. Simply launch the Transmit application and follow the directions below.

Note: Transmit supports both the FTP and SFTP file transfer protocols. We highly recommend SFTP over FTP as it is more secure and is fully supported on our servers. While the following instructions assume you will be using SFTP, you can choose the equivalent options under FTP and the setup process will be nearly the same.

1. After opening Transmit, click on the "Favorites" menu, then select "Add to Favorites...". A sheet will appear, providing an interface with which to create a favorites listing for your account.

2. In the spot labeled "Nickname", you can put anything you'd like - for example, the name of your web site, your domain name, etc. Where asked for an "Server", enter your domain name. Fill in your FTP/SFTP username and password where prompted (note: be sure not to use your Web ID and its associated password, as these are different). Finally, click on the "Protocol" pop-up menu and select "SFTP". You may leave all other settings as they are. When finished, click on the "OK" button.

3. You have now bookmarked your SFTP (or FTP) account. You can log in at any time by selecting it from the "Favorites" sub-menu, under the "Favorites" menu. You will be automatically logged in.

4. When logged in, you will see a directory listing. You can navigate from folder to folder by double clicking on folders and using the navigational buttons at the top of the listing. You may upload files (such as web pages, images, etc) by dragging and dropping them into the folder you want them to be uploaded to.

For more information on using Transmit, please see the documentation included with the software.

Last updated: Mar 14, 2005.