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Question Transmit
A relative newcomer to the Mac FTP software industry, Panic's Transmit FTP client has a nice, clean interface and works well with our services. You may obtain a demo copy and purchase a full copy her... (more)
Question Interarchy
Formerly known as Anarchie (a long-time favorite among Mac FTP users), Interarchy is an all-encompassing FTP tool and "Internet assistance". You may obtain a demo copy and purchase a full copy here .... (more)
Question NetFinder
I've downloaded NetFinder for the Macintosh, which you said is a good FTP client. I've taken a look at it, and it seems to be pretty nice, but I have no idea how to connect to my site. About N... (more)
Question Fetch
Fetch is a very popular FTP client for the Mac, having been around for a very long time. Since I had a copy of it laying around, I thought I'd give it a shot with my DreamHost account - how do I conn... (more)