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Question   My Addressbook is Gone! Help!
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My Addressbook is Gone! Help!
If your address book has suddenly "de-populated" itself, you have probably accidently logged into webmail with a different email alias. This can happen if you have a catchall setup for the mailbox in question. If you do this, you will see all of your mail, but since squirrelmail uses a specific email alias to store the addressbook, logging in with a different email alias will give you a nice fresh empty addressbook.

For instance, if you have a mailbox with a catch-all address on it and you usually login as bobby@mydomain.com, if you make a typo and loggin as boby@mydomain.com, you will still be logged in because of the catch-all. But, because all your addreses in your addressbook are associated with bobby@mydomain.com NOT boby@mydomain.com, the addressbook will appear empty. To fix it, just login with the correct/normal email alias.

Last updated: Mar 08, 2005.