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Top 11 in this Area:
1. Wikipes.com - January 2005
2. Igtoa.org - February 2005
3. Abodeinc.com - March 2005
4. Lucuella.com - July 2005
5. GlimpsesPhotography.com - June 2005
6. DamnInteresting.com - September 2005
7. LastCut.com - August 2005
8. ZephyrSyndicate.com - October 2005
9. GurusNetwork.com - April 2005
10. GreatWriting.co.uk - May 2005
11. AdsOfTheWorld.com - November 2005

2005 Sites Description
What a site to see for my soar eyes, in 2005!

Last updated: Mar 01, 2005.

Sub-Areas of 2005 Sites
Question AdsOfTheWorld.com - November 2005
Ads of the World Celebrating excellence in advertising. Have fun!
Question ZephyrSyndicate.com - October 2005
The Zephyr Syndicate The Zephyr Syndicate is a high-end motion graphics development house based out of Chicago.
Question DamnInteresting.com - September 2005
Damn Interesting A collection of damn interesting things. The design is intended to be simple and non-distracting. It's about the *content*. Check out the interface details... menus, comment for... (more)
Question LastCut.com - August 2005
Last Cut Video Wedding, corporate, and family memory videographer located in California.
Question Lucuella.com - July 2005
Lucuella Photography Luis Cuellar's Portafolio
Question GlimpsesPhotography.com - June 2005
Glimpses Photography Glimpses - Photography by Melissa Hendricks
Question GreatWriting.co.uk - May 2005
Great Writing A creative writing community where screenwriters, short-fiction authors and poets can publish work for critique by their peers. The community is supported with feature content incl... (more)
Question GurusNetwork.com - April 2005
Gurus Network The Gurus Network is a collaborative effort, designed and produced by a free-flowing bunch of people over the years, come by and get involved your ownself. Communal help in all... (more)
Question Abodeinc.com - March 2005
Abode Flash site for interior designer, Fern Santini.
Question Igtoa.org - February 2005
IGTOA International Galapagos Tour Operators Association
Question Wikipes.com - January 2005
Wikipes Launched January 1st, 2005. A recipe database site using wiki technology so everyone can contribute and share recipes. After all, who doesn't like food and drinks?