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Question   When I go to my new WordPress blog, the site won't load, why?
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When I go to my new WordPress blog, the site won't load, why?
If this happens, it's actually unrelated to WordPress.. it just means your domain itself isn't set up right!

Double check that the domain is registered at all and that it's nameservers are DreamHost's! You can do this just by doing a whois lookup. The domain should come up as taken and the nameservers should be:

If not, you'll need to either contact your registrar to change your nameservers, or if it's not even registered, register it.

If everything looks okay, you must have just registered the domain or transferred its nameservers to us within the last day. Try giving it another 24 hours and trying again!

If everything looks okay AND your domain was set up more than two days ago, something's weird. In that case, contact support or post in the discussion board!

Last updated: Dec 07, 2004.