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Question   How do I upgrade / migrate an existing weblog to WordPress?
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How do I upgrade / migrate an existing weblog to WordPress?
First off, the most important thing is to make sure you specify a new and different URL for your new WordPress blog. When we install the software, it just goes in and overwrites any files with the same names that exist in that directory.. so don't set it to your live weblog URL for now!

If you're upgrading from an older version of WordPress, you should select the same database you were using before.. but remember, pick a new URL!

If you're switching from a different weblog system, you can choose any database you want (i.e. an old one or make a new one)... but remember, pick a new URL!

Now, click the button! After a few minutes you'll get an email with the URLs to go to depending if this is a new install, an upgrade, or a migration. Just follow the instructions at the appropriate URL carefully and you should be fine! (Note, we don't make any export files for you... it's up to you to export the settings of your old blog and then follow the instructions at the URL you're at to import them!)

Once you've finished those instructions, copy your original weblog directory somewhere safe for a backup. Now, via the options area of your WordPress management, change your WordPress URL to be the final URL you plan on using (there are two places to change it there!), then (make sure you do it after you've updated the WordPress URL in both places of the options area) just move (just via ftp or the shell) your temporary WordPress directory to the final URL's web directory and you're done!

Last updated: Jan 22, 2005.

User Post (2005-08-16 08:28:16 by danielr)
WordPress official instructions for upgrading 1.2 to 1.5: http://codex.wordpress.org/Upgrade_1.2_to_1.5
User Post (2005-06-01 13:14:16 by kwdavids)
I'm just wondering. If what I want to do is upgrade a WordPress version and I have made no customizations, why wouldn't I WANT to overwrite all the files by specifying the SAME URL?
User Post (2005-03-22 09:04:46 by tangfish)
how do I copy a blog from one url to another, leaving everything else the same? Both are the latest versions of wordpress, it seems like then I created a new blog using wordpress from the old database, the new site just referred to the old one every time you click a link.
User Post (2004-12-16 08:00:34 by radprodu)
A couple of tips from my experience moving a nucleus blog to WordPress. I took the last sentence of this article as a suggestion and installed WordPress in a subdirectory which went quickly and easily.

I ended up writing my own custom PHP to transfer the posts, categories, and comments. There is a script floating around, but it just didn't work.

Here's the really important tip:

Change your blog URL in the WordPress options <b>before</b> you move the files via ftp.

After I was sure WordPress was up and working, I create a folder and put all the nucleus files in it. Then I copied all the WordPress files to the root of the site. Then I could see the blog, but couldn't log in. I did some serious hacking to try and get in, but couldn't get log in to work. Second I tried changing the blog URLs in the database. Still didn't get it. Finally I moved all the files back to the subdirectory. Logged in. Changed the base URL (in both places in Options). And moved all the files back to the root. Which worked.