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Question   "Link Protection"
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"Link Protection"
From this area you can also set up "link protection".. which is a way to not allow access to files in a directory based on where they're linked from.

The purpose of this is to stop "bandwidth theft", I.E. somebody including images or media hosted from your site inside their web page! Of course, anybody could still download your files from your own site and then upload them to their site, but then at least when people visit their site they'll be using THEIR bandwidth and not YOURS!

To enable "Link Protection", just check off the Forbid linking to files in this dir? checkbox. Then, you can specify the specific file extensions you'd like to block (or leave it blank for ALL files). Finally, you can allow certain domains the ability to still link to those files if you'd like. By default, your own domain is of course included!

Anybody trying to link directly to files you've set up link protection for will then get redirected to your custom 403 "forbidden" page (http://www.yoursite.com/forbidden.html)!

Last updated: Nov 05, 2004.

User Post (2005-11-06 16:37:09 by toxicocean)
If you're using the image gallery found in one-click installs, this won't protect images in it. :(
User Post (2005-08-17 06:37:18 by mirla)
I don't understand the first comment by ralfaro. If an image is blocked from a newsreader, isn't that newsreader attempting to link to an image? Or am I misunderstanding the term "newsreader"?
User Post (2004-12-29 08:38:03 by ralfaro)
Beware: This seems to block images from newsreaders.