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Question   How do I connect to the VPN using Mac OS X?
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How do I connect to the VPN using Mac OS X?
The recommended (and easiest) method is to use the Netlock VPN Client for Nortel Contivity. It is an IPSec client, can be evaluated for free, and is available here.

Another method is to use DigiTunnel, from Gracion Software. This is a PPTP client, but your VPN account will not have a PPTP user enabled by default - you must send an email to support and ask for one. The reason for this is that PPTP is less secure than IPSec. DigiTunnel is available here.

Another method is to use the FreeBSD/Darwin port of pptpclient. There is a GUI that goes along with it.

If you are very ambitious you can try configuring the IPSec stack built in to Mac OS X, either from the command line or by using one of the freely available GUIs ("VaporSec", or "VPN Tracker" for example). We have heard reports that this works, but we cannot offer too much help if you go this route.

The Cisco VPN client is not supported. Our VPN concentrator is currently a Nortel Contivity, and thus runs the Nortel Contivity IPSec stack. This is important to know if you are configuring another IPSec stack (such as Mac OS X) to talk to it, as not all IPSec stacks are completely compatible with one another.

Last updated: Apr 23, 2004.