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Question   Can I have my site turned off automatically if I go over my Bandwidth allotment?
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Can I have my site turned off automatically if I go over my Bandwidth allotment?

There's a "throttling" feature available at the "Status > Bandwidth" area of our web panel that allows just this.

Just enable it for the domain you're worried about, and we'll begin monitoring its usage for you each night. If we see that it looks like for that billing cycle you're about to go over the maximum bandwidth limit you've specified, we'll automatically "throttle" your site for you!

Note, throttling is only updated once a day! So even with throttling on, it's still possible for you to go over your limit if you suddenly get a large abnormal spike in traffic in one day. Bandwidth will continue to be used until the throttler runs again - within 24 hours. If you feel this may cause problems, you may want to consider setting a slightly lower throttling limit to account for the additional traffic.

When throttled, we just change the web directory your site serves from to have a ".throttled" at the end. That means if normally your web directory is:


while throttled, it will be:


So, if you decide to enable throttling, you should make sure to create that directory and to put a little page up explaining you're just temporarily removing your site to save on bandwidth. You might want to even consider asking for donations towards your hosting bill too!

We also recommend putting a custom 404 error page in your .throttled directory. That way if somebody was deep linking into your site they'll get a message about the throttling too!

Your site will be automatically unthrottled the first day of your next billing cycle, or if you want to unthrottle it early, you can at any time via that same "Status > Bandwidth" area of our web panel!

Last updated: May 03, 2005.