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Domains :: Remap Sub-Dir Description
Use "Domains > Remap Sub-Dir" to make a sub-directory of your domain use a non-standard location in your file system its source for web content.

Normally if you have

http://www.domain.com/ set up with the web directory /home/user/domain.com
http://www.domain.com/pictures/ would get its content from /home/user/domain.com/pictures automatically.
This area allows you to override this default setting and use any folder you'd like to provide content for sub-directories of your domain. It's great for sharing your domain among multiple ftp users.

Now you could have:

http://www.domain.com/pictures/ get its content from /home/otheruser/images
Be warned, CGI scripts won't work in sub-directories remapped to other user's home directories because of file ownership issues.

Also, you can't use this area to change the web directory for an entire domain! To do that, just go to the "edit" link at "Domains > Web".

Last updated: Nov 04, 2003.