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Question   Setting Up WebDAV on Mac OS X Using Finder
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Setting Up WebDAV on Mac OS X Using Finder
  1. From the Finder click Apple+K on the keyboard or use the menu item Go > Connect to Server.
  2. The Connect to Server window appears. In the Address: text box, type in the http url of your WebDAV-enabled folder.
  3. When prompted, enter the User name and Password you set up when you enabled WebDAV access and click ok. Note that this is not necessarily the same username and password you use for ftp or shell access. The WebDAV folder will appear in the Finder as a mounted volume. By default an icon will appear on your desktop. If it does not, your Finder is set to not display it on the desktop, and you will have to go through the Finder to see the WebDAV folder.

Last updated: Oct 30, 2003.

User Post (2005-04-05 19:21:21 by stevebradley)
Here's a problem I encountered using OS X. I didn't try to reproduce it with Windows. When you set up webdav on the server, you're allowed to give the area a name - it defaults to "Member's Area". Make it anything you want, but be sure the name doesn't include an '&'. The server will allow it, but Finder will not connect to the directory, nor will Goliath.
This stumped me for HOURS before I figured it out.
User Post (2005-03-14 15:01:39 by jedidiah)
Very cool, very cool