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Question   Eudora v5.2.x
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Eudora v5.2.x
One of our Happy Customers was kind enough to create this guide to configuring Eudora for use with DreamHost mail servers:



Last updated: Dec 30, 2003.

User Post (2005-08-16 12:37:41 by metuckness)
So the syntax would be:






Just looking for a little clarity, Thanks!
User Post (2005-05-03 14:54:30 by nabitte)
Where does the "location prefix" info go?
User Post (2005-03-31 20:10:56 by cody97)
for Eudora 6x on windoze
you need the following:
location prefix = /home/<yourdomain>/<your mail login>/mail/
SSL = never