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Question   Which web authoring (HTML-generating) programs do you support?
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Which web authoring (HTML-generating) programs do you support?

HTML Software

HTML files are a kind of text file. It doesn't matter which software you use to create your HTML files --- we will support them! Some of the software you can use to make your pages include: Dreamweaver, Homesite, Notepad, Emacs, BBEdit, Ultra32, and Fireworks. You can even use good old Microsoft Word!

Some examples of imaging software for creating pictures for your site include: Photoshop, Fireworks, Illustrator, Image Ready, Paint, or anything else that can make GIFs or JPEGs.


We support FrontPage extensions for all plans, but you have to ask us to move your site to a FP Extensions-enabled server (it will take a couple of days for the transfer to complete). If you don't want the extensions, never fear! You can still use FrontPage to create and upload your webpages! In addition, all customers can take advantage of our free CGI scripts. These scripts can do everything FrontPage extensions can do (formmail, counters), and do them better!

Cold Fusion

We do not support ColdFusion.

Last updated: Oct 24, 2005.

User Post (2004-10-09 17:07:02 by sgartner)
Two notes about DreamWeaver MX.

First, Macromedia has completely screwed it up by attaching it to a key registration scheme. I purchased a brand new (sealed) copy of it and they wouldn't allow me to register it because someone else had already stolen the key and registered it. I ended up having to take it back to the store. I will never buy another Macromedia product again (they bascially called me a thief since I was the second person who tried to register that key).

Second, it claims to support SFTP, but it actually only support FTP over SSH (two very different things) and I could never get it to work properly with DreamHost. It wasn't a problem with DreamHost because using PuTTY and regular FTP in DreamWeaver I was able to get FTP over SSH to work just fine. It's just the version inside of DW MX that wouldn't work.