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Question   Setting up Dreamweaver for FTP with DreamHost
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Setting up Dreamweaver for FTP with DreamHost
There are a few specific things you should know when setting up Dreamweaver for FTP access.

1. The FTP host is just your domain name. ( ie. domain.com, NO ftp:// )
2. The Host Directory should NOT be left blank. It is usually [yourdomain.com].
To find out exactly what the Host Directory should be, go to the panel, click on Domains->Manage->Edit. The host directory is in the last field on the line labeled Web Directory.

That's pretty much it!

Last updated: Oct 10, 2005.

User Post (2005-12-30 09:47:38 by repticat)
In Dreamweaver MX on Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) the same applies:

Sites -> Edit Sites
Pick which site to configure
Choose Advanced from the top of the window (next to basic, below the window title bar)
On the left hand column that appears, choose "Remote info"
and check "Passive FTP" or whatever

Thank you greenhat.
User Post (2005-12-22 18:29:36 by hugosalinas)
Thanx to the previous person who wrote "YOU SHOULD ENABLE PASSIVE FTP" It saved my life!
User Post (2005-09-01 21:51:41 by aig)
"The Host Directory should NOT be left blank."

Well, leaving it blank was the only way it worked for me with DW. I was able to GET all files from Dreamhost's server and everything seems to work properly.
User Post (2005-01-17 12:22:01 by johnvey)
HOWTO: Enabling Dreamweaver MX to use FTP over SSH with Dreamhost

The FTP over SSH plugin in MX needs to have SSH tunneling defined in your PuTTY configuration in order to work. See the Macromedia article at: http://www.macromedia.com/cfusion/knowledgebase/index.cfm?id=tn_16126
User Post (2004-10-09 17:05:33 by sgartner)
Two notes about DreamWeaver MX.

First, Macromedia has completely screwed it up by attaching it to a key registration scheme. I purchased a brand new (sealed) copy of it and they wouldn't allow me to register it because someone else had already stolen the key and registered it. I ended up having to take it back to the store. I will never buy another Macromedia product again (they bascially called me a thief since I was the second person who tried to register that key).

Second, it claims to support SFTP, but it actually only support FTP over SSH (two very different things) and I could never get it to work properly with DreamHost. It wasn't a problem with DreamHost because using PuTTY and regular FTP in DreamWeaver I was able to get FTP over SSH to work just fine. It's just the version inside of DW MX that wouldn't work.
User Post (2004-03-20 08:19:24 by greenhat)
If you are running MacOS X that runs a firewall by default, you should enable "Passive FTP" in Dreamweaver. It's a checkbox on the "remote info" page when setting up FTP access via the "Advanced" tab on the domain edit screen. Else, you may continually receive a "waiting for server" notice which will finally time out with the error: "The connection to the remote host has been lost. Click the Connect button to reconnect." [This has helped me when using Dreamweaver MX for MacOS 10.2.]