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Question   What is a charset?
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What is a charset?
When you send an announcement or auto-responder (for both html or plain text emails), you now have the option to choose a character set for the text encoding other than english (iso-8859-1).

Character sets are for languages that use characters outside the normal ascii range. Languages like Chinese, Arabic, Hebrew, Japanese, Russian, etc..

Just enter the encoding type (you'll have to know it yourself!) you want into the text box provided and be sure to check off the "this is html" option (and to actually use html to mark-up your message!) before clicking "Send Message!"

Last updated: Dec 18, 2003.

User Post (2005-11-04 15:11:56 by jesseruderman)
I'm surprised this works at all given how browsers submit forms. Why not just make the page/form be UTF-8, so people can submit the message in UTF-8, and send all HTML messages (and plain text messages?) as UTF-8?
User Post (2005-07-02 21:46:17 by briareus)
um... You can't post a dropdown list of the charsets? How simple would that be?