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Question   How do I create a new email address?
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How do I create a new email address?
It's really easy!

Assuming you've of course already got a hosting plan with DreamHost, all you do is go to the "Mail > Addresses" area of our web panel and click the "create a new email address" link.

From there, you then have to choose what address you'd like (note, there is a special mailbox name .. "*". If you use that, it will catch all email @yourdomain.com that doesn't already have another email address set up for it. This is a great way to get TONS OF SPAM.), and at what domain name (assuming you have more than one with us). If a domain name doesn't appear in the select box, mail service isn't set up at DreamHost for it!

You then have the option of setting the address to either delete all mail sent to it (with or without a bounced message to the sender), or have it actually deliver the mail. You probably usually want to deliver the mail!

Assuming you want to deliver the mail somewhere, you have two non-exclusive options. Have us forward the mail to any valid email address in the world and/or have it delivered to a new "mailbox" with DreamHost. (If you want to deliver mail to an existing DreamHost mailbox, just set up forwarding to the primary email address tied to that mailbox. Our system will realize this is a DreamHost mailbox and not do any unnecessary routing!)

To deliver to any valid email address in the world, simply enter them in the relevant text box, one per line.

To create a new DreamHost mailbox, fill out the rest of the information you see on that page. (Yes, the periodic inbox rotation options are required!)

When you're done, click Create Address!

Your new email address will begin working within approximately one hour (assuming your domain is already up and working with DreamHost of course!). If you've created a new mailbox, your login information will be displayed on the next screen. Keep in mind that your incoming and outgoing mail servers are both just mail.yourdomain.com.

If you've created a new DreamHost mailbox, you can access your email via any POP or IMAP client, including our webmail service!

Last updated: Aug 27, 2004.