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Question   What username/password do I use to connect to my database?
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What username/password do I use to connect to my database?
If you don't know what the username/password to use for your MySQL database is, then chances are that you never set one up.

Go to the Goodies::MySQL section of the webpanel.

Then click on "Add User" to add a mysql user for your database (to use for your connections and scripts).

You could name your user the same thing as your Web ID, but you can choose whatever name/password you like.

Once you set one up, you'll probably want to configure your scripts to use that value to connect to your database.

If you've forgotten your password to connect.. just delete that username and make a new one!

And, we know it's weird, but you can't use the same username on two different databases. Sorry!

Last updated: Dec 06, 2004.

User Post (2005-12-05 22:26:15 by baricom)
The "many databases, one user" feature mentioned in amandabee's comment is no more. It was removed November, 2005, just shy of its one-year anniversary.
User Post (2005-02-24 15:17:28 by amandabee)
I am trying to use the fancy new "many databases, one user" feature, but I can't figure out how to manage passwords -- I can add the same user over and over, but I don't see a way to universally change that users password.
User Post (2003-11-17 17:17:05 by rtilghman)
Note that you should not bind a username or a hostname to a DB until AFTER that DB is live and ready to go. If you add them beforehand your username and hostname may not get applied properly, and you may get refused a connection when you attempt to access teh DB.

This just happened to me and was cleared up when I deleted and recreated both the hostname and the username/password. I had created them right after creating the DB, hence my problem.

User Post (2003-10-20 22:10:56 by joshp)
I had problems when I used special characters in mySQL user passwords, when I chose a password made of letters and numbers it worked fine.
User Post (2003-09-20 12:03:53 by potempkin)
Well, I've had some problems before, and I've had one again, so any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm trying to run PHP FanBase, except when I go to admin.php, it won't let me log in, it says that I'm using an invalid username or password. I've checked that the name and pasword are the same that I have in config.php, and I've even deleted that user and created it again so I could be sure that I have the password correct. I don't seem to be having any other problems, though I'm sure I'll have to come crawling back here on bended knee in the future to ask for more help. Is there any way I can get this thing to let me log in?