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Question   How do I change my mailbox "name"?
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How do I change my mailbox "name"?
You can change the name associated with your mailbox through our web panel's "Mail > Addresses" area. Just click the "edit" link next to the mailbox you wish to rename and then you'll be able to change it. This name is just for your own reference when you set up email addresses, and not used anywhere else.

You can't change a mailboxes actual username (something like "m1234567"). That value is completely hidden anyway and is only used in your email program's configuration. Nobody should really even know that username except for you anyway! If you want to change the primary email address itself that goes to a mailbox, you can do that from that same link! And don't worry, our system will automatically update any other addresses that were forwarding to that primary address to the new value!

Note, when using Webmail (at http://webmail.yourdomain.com/) you should log in with the email address (joe@yourdomain.com), not the mailbox name (m1234567@yourdomain.com).

Also note, users can manage their OWN mailboxes (including changing their password, setting their filters, etc..) at http://mailboxes.yourdomain.com/ .. it's totally DreamHost-neutral site too, so your users won't even know it's hosted with us. Cool!

Last updated: Aug 27, 2004.